The OFFIS Institute for Information Technology (OFeV) is an associated institute of the University of Oldenburg in Germany. It was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization and has currently some 250 employees including more than 150 full time scientists. Since 2001 more than 300 R&D projects were carried out, involving more than 400 cooperation partners. In order to strengthen the application of innovative computer science within societal relevant domains, OFFIS is structured into the three R&D divisions Energy, Transportation, and Health. The core business of OFFIS is to act as an enabler on the interface between research and industry and to take on with high experience the role of project coordination if desired.
The work in CLARUS will be carried out by the research group Smart Resource Integration (SRI) which is part of the research department Energy. The group deals with topics concerning the use of ICT technology and methods for smart usage and integration of resources in complex systems. These may be resources of infrastructure (energy, computers, data centers, and industrial facilities) as well as virtual resources (virtual machines, IT/Cloud services). In all these cases security (incl. availability) is considered an integral requirement of the system that needs to be addressed on all levels and components (software, hardware, infrastructure) of its architecture.

In CLARUS, OFeV will lead the architecture design and contribute to the development of a cloud service architecture and framework that will be the foundation for implementation of CLARUS modules and security services that are needed by third party applications. OFeV will provide its experience with open source cloud architectures to develop a cloud architecture with client-side integration.