Montimage is a French SME located in Paris. Its research-oriented focus offers know-how and tools for helping developers, companies and operators in diverse aspects oriented to data and network monitoring and security.
The core business of Montimage is developing tools for monitoring and testing networks, applications and services; in particular, for the analysis of functional, performance and security aspects; and, for improving context awareness and end-user trust. Montimage's flagship tool (MMT) allows the capture of telecommunication packets, as well as any structured messages, for performing traffic analysis, estimating quality of user experience (QoE), analysing security and detecting/mitigating security attacks. It uses deep packet inspection (DPI), statistics and machine learning techniques to classify traffic and analyse its behavior. Montimage participates in several collaborative research projects in national and international calls (H2020: CLARUS, MUSA; FP7: InterTrust; Celtic Plus: NOTTS, SAN, SIGMONA; CIP-PSP: ACDC, SWEPT) and actively collaborates with leaders of the telecommunications industry, and public and private research and education organisms.

In CLARUS, Montimage will act as technology provider and integrator by providing an adapted monitoring solution based on its Montimage Monitoring Tool (MMT), to detect security, privacy and performance metrics, and to trigger countermeasures and mitigation strategies in cloud environments. Montimage leads the CLARUS implementation and will provide the specification and implementation of the CLARUS interfaces, security and trust in cloud environments and the integration of the CLARUS modules. Montimage will also define metrics and algorithms to create an attack-tolerant framework.