AKKA is a system integrator and is one of the major engineering and technology consultancy group in Europe. AKKA's ICT expertise includes the design and development of highly distributed applications on the web, servers optimisation and cloud technologies, mobile device integration. Application domains include Geographical Information Systems, IDEs for distributed engineering in large teams, Linked Data and knowledge management for distribution and exploitation of scientific data. 

In CLARUS, AKKA will act on the global architecture definition, on the development on particular interfaces that will ensure the integration of the different CLARUS functional modules. AKKA will work in the definition of policies and in enabling methods for the automatic or semiautomatic deployment of an application on a private, public, and/or hybrid cloud according to (security) requirements. It will address the tooling for a security manager/engineer who will be in charge of defining the security policy for a designated set of data, of provisioning the necessary configuration and parameterisation at all levels of an application, in particular for web-based services (SaaS mode of delivery). Investigations will be carried out concerning the form in which such CLARUS-aware modules can be delivered and enabled in an adapted SaaS application, in which both client and server sides will be contemplated. This might be in the form of frameworks and/or as proxy gateways running in the user trusted area. AKKA will study the necessary integration work of the CLARUS module in different types of applications.