Towards Trust in cloud services with CLARUS – how we are tackling related legal issues

06 Jul 2016

CLARUS will impact the current cloud landscape by delivering key elements spanning reinforced European leadership in privacy-preserving technologies by safeguarding the privacy of citizens in cloud computing environments, increased interoperability of systems and services from different vendors and innovative research in security-enabling techniques and new architectures for secure delivery in the cloud. This paper provides an overview of the legal research that is undertaken within the context of CLARUS, with a particular focus on the legal issues encountered during the development and deployment of the CLARUS solution.

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Clarus Output

CLARUS: new and outstanding security as a service

28 Jun 2016

The security as a service (SECaaS) infrastructure and concept for the CLARUS framework differs from usual security as a service business models like anti-virus software or intrusion detection services. While these security services are located in the trusted cloud, a main assumption of CLARUS is that there is no general trust against the cloud provider.

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CLARUS Interview with Benoit Baurens, AKKA Technologies

21 Jun 2016

Benoit Baurens, R & D Program Manager, AKKA Technologies, speaks about the major challenges of using Cloud computing in Geospatial sector and how CLARUS is helping AKKA Technologies addressing legal and ethical issues as well as supporting AKKA Technologies business model.

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EuroDig – European Dialogue on Internet Governance

16 Jun 2016

During the European Dialogue on Internet Governance event (EuroDig 2016), Pearse O’Donahue, Head of Software, Services, Cloud, DG CONNECT zoomed in the drivers behind the new Data Protection regulation (GDPR). It is essential that the EU imposes rules for high levels of protection through the new regulation. The European Data Protection Agencies play a key role in the data protection regulation, supporting the strong mechanisms in place as entities that are independent from their national governments and the EC.

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A new DSM initiative: free flow of data

16 Jun 2016

Trust is essential in a digital environment, hence the need for new regulation and new initiatives. The objective of Digital Single Market initiative #14 – free flow of data is to boost trust in digital society. The development of new technical tools is fundamental for the protection of privacy as the legal framework is just one aspect. The driver should be to see the Internet as an opportunity and tackle aspects that raise concerns.

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Making the cloud ecosystem secure for outsourced data

05 Apr 2016

Current security mechanisms are commonly located within the cloud platform, hence compelling customers trust cloud providers for the way they manage their data. This leaves the cloud as an impractical solution for those customers that value the sensitivity of their data as critical or should comply with specific regulations that force them to treat data with special precautions, reaching higher importance when dealing with business and user sensitive data.

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Preparing the National Health Service and Social Care for Cyber Attacks

21 Mar 2016

Thinking cyber attacks will not happen is an outdated mentality in a digital world, however low the risk may be at the current time. Understanding personal responsibility and information governance and security in a digital world is very different from the paper-based world that health and care organisations, among others are moving away from. Being “one step ahead” of the cyber attacks means having secure systems and being trained to handle cyber attacks.

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CLARUS Position Paper for Cloudscape 2016

06 Mar 2016

The main legal concerns impeding the mainstream adoption of the cloud relate to privacy and security matters, as well as the concepts of interoperability and portability. In this respect, multiple legal frameworks are analysed

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Restoring trust in transatlantic data flows through strong safeguards: European Commission presents EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

02 Mar 2016

The European Commission has released the legal texts of a new agreement for the proposed EU-U.S. Privacy Shield -- guidelines for transatlantic exchanges of personal information for business purposes.

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£4bn investment for NHS digital transformation

10 Feb 2016

More than £4 billion will be invested as part of the NHS ‘digital transformation' plan. £1 billion of that will go towards information-security, pegged as a looming problem for the NHS, which handles the medical data of most of the UK population. £1.8 billion will be used to advance the NHS long awaited transformation to a paperless system.

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