Data protection will remain a key focus for IT security investment in Europe according to the latest annual Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey. The enphasis is still on Cloud with more than 26% of EU businesses planning to invest on Cloud Security and Identity and Access management during 2017.

This is consistent with the fact that cloud-based software as a service is the top deployment model companies plan to use in 2017, in both the UK (57.3%) and across Europe (46.9%).

In line with a continuous focus on data protection in preparation for GDPR compliance, investments in Data Loss Prevention still rank high on the agenda with a particolar focus on encryption initiatives. Encryption has become increasingly common in organisations as technologies have matured and concern around data protection has increased, driven by the GDPR and other regulations.

Also security in IoT will be one of the main topics for 2017: while 14% of firms across Europe plan to implement IoT strategy in 2017, the percentage is likely to increase in light of the recent Mirai IoT attacks.

These attacks have served to highlight the potentially devastating consequences of failing to address growing concern and unease among information security professionals about the potential for cyber attackers to exploit IoT devices.



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