Cloud computing is one of the essential technology building blocks of the Digital Single Market. 

Open standards are essential in ensuring interoperability, fostering innovation and lowering entry barriers in the Digital Single Market.

Stronger European leadership in standard setting an implementation will help increase competitiveness and help European innovations better access the global market. 

CloudWATCH2 is a Support and Coordination Action under Horizon 2020 that has taken several steps towards mapping of cloud standard usage by European projects, many of which prioritise open source approaches.

CloudWATCH2 is also taking part in the C-SIG Working Group on cloud standards on 15 February 2017, promoting interoperability and portability standards, including Cloud SLAs to ensure greater trust and transparency in cloud computing.


CLARUS Catalogue of Standards

Standardisation is of major importance for the CLARUS interoperability by design approach by investigating the use of open standards in the architecture design and in the implementation of the CLARUS components.

CLARUS has analysed several standards related to security, privacy, and cloud computing, resulting in the development of a Catalogue of Standards (

CLARUS has also provided CloudWATCH2 with our standards mapping as part of the drive towards improving interoperability and portability of the cloud.

Ultimately, these joint efforts will support the European Commission Standardisation Plan as critical for the Digital Single Market, where open standards are essential in increasing new entrants into the marketplace and fostering innovation.

Stronger European leadership in standards setting and implementations will help increase competitiveness and give European innovations better access the global market. 

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