On july 21 2016 Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud (HNSciCloud) launched a €5.3 million tender for the establishment of a European hybrid cloud platform.

R&D services can apply to the pre-commercial procurement tender to design and develop an innovative platform which will address the many challenges involved with providing a combination of services at the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) level, such as Compute and Storage, Network Connectivity and Federated Identity Management and Service Payment Models.

The platform will serve scientists and engineers working in high-energy physics, astronomy, the life sciences including biomedical research, and the photon/neutron science.
These procurers will be the first customers of the platform, and will integrate their in-house resources with the procured cloud services.

Participation in the tendering procedure is open on equal terms to all types of economic operators from any country in the world, regardless of their geographic location, size or governance structure. However, a minimum of 50 % of the contracted R&D services must be performed in the EU Member States or countries associated to the European Union Framework Programme HORIZON 2020.

Deadline for bid submission: 19 September 2016 12:00 (CEST)

For more information on how to bid please visit www.hnscicloud.eu