Innovative privacy-enabling techniques and attack-tolerent systems

Cloud computing is a key enabler of the European Digital Single Market, benefitting many industry sectors and public sector organisations. Data is also a catalyst for economic growth, innovation and digitisation across all economic sectors. The European data economy is expected to be worth €739 billion by 2020.

CLARUS has a forward-looking privacy-by-design approach to data security with cutting-edge privacy-preserving techniques, attack-tolerant systems and new architectures.

CLARUS privacy-preserving mechanisms support data anonymisation, data coarsening and splitting, data encryption and searchable encryption.

CLARUS makes cloud services more transparent, standardised, auditable and controllable.

Why we do need CLARUS?

Most security mechanisms are commonly located within the cloud platform. This is impractical for customers with personal or confidential data and for organisations that need comply with specific regulations on data handling.

Recent cyber attacks also highlight the increasing importance for attack-tolerant systems so no intruder, inside or outside the organisation, can hack the cloud service or impersonate them.

CLARUS is a no-compromise security guarantee for all data stored in the cloud so customers no longer need "blind trust" in their provider.

CLARUS users can monitor, audit and control stored data without losing the benefits of high-level services like data storage, management, retrieval, transformation, and cost savings.

Essential cloud characteristics: On-demand self-service; broad network access; resource pooling; rapid elasticity and measured service.

Common characterisitics: Massive scale; homogeneity; virtualisation; low-cost software; resilient computing; geographic distribution; advanced security.

Who is CLARUS designed for?

  • Information security professionals, especially security managers. They can use CLARUS to implement privacy-by design, ensuring users of cloud services are in the driving seat when it comes to controlling their data.
  • Open source developers, tech integrators and service providers. They can support the CLARUS proxy solution and also come up with new, secure-by-design services for their customers. This is important as the cloud market moves closer to security-as-a-service. CLARUS helps not only move critical applications to the cloud but also enables migration from a private cloud service to a public cloud, thus increasing customer benefits.